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Earn More Starbucks Rewards

starbucks rewardsIf you read our last blog post you know that Starbucks rewards customers with free coffee and snacks once they reach their highest membership level, but becoming a Gold member is no easy feet.

It can take months to make enough purchases to receive free goodies, but at The Compare Site we believe in saving you money today not tomorrow. We’ve found a way for you to earn extra rewards, and get even more out of your Starbucks Rewards Card.

Here are some ways you can earn more rewards, and achieve that gold member status faster:

Buying Packaged Coffee

More and more people are on the go these days, and don’t have time to brew or make their own coffee. To increase packaged coffee sales Starbucks offers a bonus star to those who buy packaged coffee rather than a pre-made latte.

You can earn a star by buying your packaged coffee from a Starbucks store, online at, or at your local grocery store. Just make sure to purchase the specially marked package with star code.

Rewards Credit Cards

Many credit card companies offer rewards points or cash back on purchases. Some even offer extra rewards when you make purchases at Starbucks. If you use your rewards credit card to pay for your Starbucks order you could earn double the points or more.

Link Cards

So you have a Starbucks rewards card, but your friend or coworker gives you a Starbucks gift card. You skip earning the points to take advantage of the free coffee, but you could have been earning points all along. If you link your gift card to your rewards account you can earn stars while you enjoy your gift.


In addition to the rewards provided to all members, Starbucks emails special promotions. Previous offers have included: buy one get one free, double the points, bonus star points, and more. Opt-in and earn more.

Was this helpful? Have you earned more stars thanks to The Compare Site? Let us know in the comment section below.

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