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Do you shop online? Subscribe to your favorite store to receive special offers? Then this blog is for you.

Abandoned Shopping CartIt’s happens to thousands of consumers every day. You receive what appears to be a great offer in your inbox. You take your coupon code, and follow the link to your favorite retailer’s website. You make a purchase feeling really great about yourself, knowing that you’ve saved money. Then it happens, not even 24 hours later you receive an even better offer. The same online store where you just spent a pretty penny, is now offering you an additional percentage off, a free gift, or free shipping.

How can you ensure you get the best offer?

Comparison shopping is the number one way customers can secure the lowest prices. That’s why The Compare Site is such a great tool. However, comparison shopping doesn’t end with online and in-store research. The best comparison shoppers study the email habits of their favorite stores.

To secure the best offer or deal it’s important to:

  • Know when the retailer mails new offers.
  • Know when offers expire. How long you generally have to take advantage of an offer.
  • Find the pattern. Some stores send a percent-off deal first, followed by a free gift in addition to percent off, followed by free shipping. Once you know the pattern, you can wait for the offer that best fits your needs.
  • Find out what the “abandoned shopping cart” offer is.

The Abandoned Shopping Cart Offer

Email marketers create campaigns to entice customers and illicit sales. They want to offer you deals they know you’ll take advantage of. How do they know what offers to send you? They study your email patterns. For example, if they send you emails over the course of a week and you only open the mailings offering free shipping, they know you value free shipping above all else, and will tailor campaigns to reflect that.

Another popular strategy of online mailers is to send an “abandoned shopping cart” message. Some companies simply send a message reminding you that you left some items in your cart, and that they might not be around later. Others will offer you a special deal to get you to come back and make that purchase. Why do they do this? Customer acquisition is a tricky game. Mailers work hard to get you to interact with what they send, and work even harder to get you to make a purchase. After constructing the perfect campaign to get you to shop, the last thing they want to do is to lose you at check out. The retailer prefers to offer the customer a discounted price or free shipping, rather then lose the money and time they’ve invested on getting you to the site in the first place.


As the consumer the ball is in your court. Marketers utilize tools, analyze data, and your behaviors. By turning the tables, and studying advertiser behaviors you can win the lowest price game.

Will you try these new techniques? Have you had a similar shopping experience? Let us know in the comment section below.

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