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What We Do

We shop the best providers so you don’t have to. Saving you time and money…

Visit The Compare Site to find the lowest prices on travel, insurance, banking, mortgage rates, and more!

The Compare Site LLC was founded in 2013, born out of a need for a price comparison website that offers more than just one type of price comparison. The Compare Site provides customers like you with useful information, statistics, price comparisons, and the online application forms necessary to save hundreds of dollars each year on the items you spend money on the most. We provide price and rate comparisons on everything from refinancing your mortgage to booking your Spring Break trip.

Need an unbiased source for financial advice? The Compare Site provides you with an unbiased opinion of today’s top credit card, mortgage, loan, travel, and coupon offers.

We’re better than our competition, because we:

  • Compare Rates: We don’t bombard you with offers from advertisers. We actually take the time to pull useful data, and rank offers based on your needs.
  • Unbiased: While other websites might deliver results based on the highest bidder, The Compare Site provides you with offers based on criteria like interest rates, annual fees, incentives, and customer satisfaction.
  • We make it personal: All results can be customized to fit your exact needs.
  • One stop shop: We save you time by comparing everything on one easy to navigate website. Stop clicking around, wasting time on searches. Find everything you need on The Compare Site.

On The Compare Site you can:

  • Choose the right credit card: Not only can you pick the right card for your needs, but you can also help your credit score. Every time you apply for a credit card and get rejected you can be negatively affecting your credit score. By using our Credit Card Comparison Tool you can generate a list of credit card offers based on your current credit score, helping you filter out credit cards that are out of reach.
  • Refinance or afford your dream home: Many first time buyers need a mortgage in order to afford their dream home. With The Compare Site’s Mortgage Comparison Tool you can customize and compare mortgage rates from today’s top mortgage lenders. Already own your home, but looking to refinance? The Compare Site can help you find the best rates for refinancing your mortgage.
  • Get covered: With Obamacare you can actually get fined for lack of insurance coverage. The Compare Site’s Insurance Comparison Tool helps you compare insurance quotes from the Insurance companies you know and trust. Get healthcare coverage you can afford with our help today.
  • Travel for less: While you may be familiar with other travel sites, The Compare Sites Travel Comparison tool beats out all the rest. Book a flight through us and enjoy savings, plus the chance to earn special bonuses and prizes each month!
  • Get a coupon code: Want to make a purchase, but just can’t get yourself to commit to spending a certain amount? You don’t have to! Visit the Compare Site’s Coupons page to view and retrieve coupon codes from the online retailers you love.
  • Much more: We don’t limit ourselves here at The Compare Site. We work hard scouring the web and our business sources to get you the best deals on everything including phones, banking services, education, and funding.

Barney the owl wants to help you save money today! He’s eager to work finding you today’s top deals. Initiate Barney’s search now. 


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